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Saturday Stroll

Early Saturday morning I rolled out of bed and went to meet my friends at Triana market. We were all craving a roast lunch, so decided to go get the vegetables we needed to make it the following day. The market was bustling with shoppers hurrying around buying their fruit and veg from all the local stands. There was a big brass band that came storming through the market playing songs, surrounded by people in fancy dress – presumably something to do with the bank holiday weekend.


The selection of produce was incredible. Everything looked so fresh and tasty. The peppers were enormous, the apples looked like they’d been polished and the tomatoes were perfectly ripe. It’s always a good reminder of how modified our fruit and vegetables are in the supermarkets back home: everything has to be regulation shape, size and colour. There was also an interesting selection of fresh meat on offer including sheep heads, brains and pigs trotters. However, the fish looked really good so hopefully on a hot day we’re going to go back for some gambas and mejillones.

P1090773 P1090776

After we dropped the food off at home we strolled up Calle Tetuan to Blanco Cerrillo, a popular fish jaunt. Everyone in Seville knows the place and at half 2 it looked like the whole city had turned up for lunch. It’s the tiniest of bars that offers a basic selection of mainly fried fish. We ordered a plate of their famous adobo (boquerones in a special marinade) and joined the tens of other customers sat on doorsteps along the street. It was absolutely delicious. No wonder people are willing to sit on the filthy pavement just for the sake of fish.

We then moved on to another tapas bar for some albondigas (Spanish meatballs), ibérico secreto and stuffed mejillones. Full, we went for a wander up to Macarena. It was great exploring the streets whilst they were still quiet during siesta time.
P1090777 P1090778 P1090780

I also enjoy taking photos whilst there are minimum tourists and other people to ruin your shots.

P1090782 P1090784 P1090790

Strolling along Calle Regina we came across this tiny shop of delights: Dulce Regina. It’s the best cookie shop ever I’ve decided. There’s a decent choice of flavours. Obviously I chose the triple chocolate one. The woman who works there is continuously baking new batches so they’re always super fresh and deliciously warm.  And the best part, the big ones are only €1!

P1090791 P1090792P1090795

We ended up walking very north and very far away from anywhere that I recognised. We passed churches, some sort of city wall and lots of cute bars to add to our never ending Seville bucket list.

P1090797 P1090798 P1090802

Exhausted, but still not wanting to return home, we went to La mercería café cultural for a cola cao (my signature drink) and discussed the joys of families. Finally I arrived back home from a lovely lazy Saturday and spent the evening tucked up in bed watching First Dates on 4od.

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